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Knowledge Centres

Executive Summary

Despite the normative recognition of the importance of social policies for human wellbeing and development as set out in the human right to universal social security in various international declarations, conventions, and treaties, the provision of social security, in particular in developing countries, is far from being universal. The Knowledge Network of Public Policy Laboratories on Universal Social Security aims to expand and share knowledge to empower stakeholders in the social policy process in order to make political incidence and achieve universal social security. This aim will be achieved by creating public spaces for dynamic development of understanding and mobilization.  

These knowledge spaces are both online and face to face, providing a repository of reference material as well as venues for discussion to dynamically build understanding, both conceptually and practically.

The Knowledge Network will specifically:  

  1. prepare research on successful cases of progress towards universalism and into accessible formats for mass public consumption;
  2. facilitate the sharing of knowledge accumulated in research and in practice in a variety of complementary tools; firstly, developing online reference centre for the dissemination of accumulated knowledge, secondly, organising groups in different regions to act as the focal points for knowledge accumulation and dissemination, thirdly, translating the knowledge into numerous languages to allow for systematic cross linguistic fertilization, which is not currently available, and fourthly, ongoing face to face discussion in regular travelling seminars as a public space for consolidation, motivation and mobilization.

The Knowledge Network for Universal Social Security is a laboratory for the development of knowledge, understanding and for exercising political incidence.