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About Us

The World Social Forum on Health and Social Security is integrated to the World Social Forum, which is characterized by plurality, diversity and unity, is non-confessional, non-governmental and non-party. It aims to dialogue with the civil society that is committed to fighting for human rights to health and social security, considered as a public good, and is opposed to the neoliberal discourse and practice that define such rights as a profitable commodity in the field of services.

The World Social Forum on Health and Social Security advocates a social protection system that includes:

Civil security: right to free expression and organization; access to justice; right to social, racial, ethnic, generation, gender, and sexual behaviour identities; right to religious and political beliefs;

Social security: right to health, work, retirement, specific protections, social welfare, education, and housing;

Economic security: right to minimum income; access to credit, means of production, and land; right to fair taxation.

When the universal right to health is part of a social protection system that takes into account the determinants of health and illness, and when health is associated to a social security system that is committed to meet the challenges posed by such determinants, there is an intention to debate about what kind of State and Democracy is desired.